Episode #186 Gay Marriage

This random gay, Buffalo's fag hating Bishop, 35 companies that tweeted support of gay marriage, Supreme blowhard.



Episode #185 The Age of Enlightenment

This random week, Headlines and Global News, The Age of Enlightenment, We should build a water pipeline from Alaska to provide water for California's drought.



Episode #184 Penicillin

This random week, Trans-racial acceptance, Penicillin, porn supports the pharmaceutical industry.



Episode #183 Taoism and Confucianism

This random week, World's most precise quantum thermometer designed, Taoism and Confucianism, American should stop the wasting of physical and intellectual resources on the development of alternative fuels.



Episode #177 The Swift Satellite

This random week, This is what happened when Maine forced welfare recipients to work for their benefits, Three questions, The Swift Satellite, William Shatner is the voice of our generation.



Episode #176 Happy Easter

This random week, A rare, but fun, rant - how Easter gets screwed, Critical interpretation of the bible - Passover, Easter: The Movie.



Episode #175 Cows

This random week, high school essay topics, the actual problem, Cows, Spring Break should be abolished.



Episode #174 The Global Positioning System

This random week, Critical interpretation of pop culture - Pump up the Volume, She Was Raised by Lesbian Mothers. But This Woman’s Open Letter Reveals Why She Now Opposes Gay Marriage, The Global Positioning System, Pornography is good. 



Episode #173 The Cuban Revolution

This random week - news roulette, The Cuban Revolution, Josh practices testicular capellus removal to prepare for the Tour De France.



Episode #172 Dark Matter and Dark Energy

This random week, A rare, but fun, rant, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, A politician's religious affiliation is important.



Episode #172 Christmas

Our very not-so-special Christmas show. If you were expecting Carols and whatever Sugar Plum Faires are, you are listening to the wrong show. We do have: 10 Best Things about being an Atheist on Christmas, A not so critical analysis of Christmas songs, and...White Wine in the sun. Happy Christmas, Everyone!



Episode #171 Placebo

This random week, Placebo.



Episode #170 Grass fed vs Corn fed

This random week, Lindsay Graham: House Benghazi report "Full of Crap," Grass fed vs. Corn fed, Hitler beat us to the moon, set up a secret Nazi base, and is currently living there right now.



Episode #169 The Topic Generator II

Originally recorded on 10-9-2014. Once again, dear friends, in to the machine. Random musings and comments straight from the internet, repackaged, and sent straight be to...the internet. It's a living.



Episode #168 Happy Columbus Day

This random week, 'Love' hormone oxytocin regulates female sexual behavior, study suggests, Happy Columbus Day, Victoria's Secret clothing and undergarments are overpriced.



Episode #167 The Topic Generator

A very special episode of random points, topics, arguments, and mud slinging. Join us as we discuss everything from cows to hugs. (The consensus was that we like hugs....we're on the fence about cows.)



Episode #166 Cats and the Bubonic Plague

This random week, To sum up...you should feel ashamed for your dirty parts, Cats and the Bubonic Plague, The release of the iPhone 6 will bring peace to our time.



Episode #165 Cryonics

This random week, You've got face mites, Cryonics, Date rape drug detection nail polish is empowering to women.



Episode #164 The History of Barbed Wire

This random week, Ferguson feed off of the Poor: Three Warrants a year per Household, The History of Barbed Wire, All newborns should be tagged with GPS trackers.



Episode #163 The Kidney

This random week, Bourbon production at its highest point since the 70's, The Kidney, The Matrix is a more likely future than Star Trek.



Episode #162 The Book of Joshua

This random week, How can religion resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?, The Book of Joshua, President Barack Obama should be impeached.



Episode #161 The Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson

This random week, Is religion good for kids?, The Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson, Gun safety training should be mandatory for all US citizens. *Our apologies for the sound quality



Episode #160 The fall of Constantinople

This random week, Examining the growth of 'Spiritual but not Religous,' The fall of Constantinople, Evolution and Intelligent Design could both be right.



Episode #159 - Uranus

This random week, Berlin House of One: The first Church-Mosque-Synagogue?, Uranus, New York State is right in allowing stores to limit empty can and bottle returns to a maximum of $12.00.



Episode #158 From Rome to Brittania

This random week, Majority of Americans believe religion can answer most of today's problems: Poll, From Rome to Brittania, Censorship can sometimes be justified.



Episode #157 Protein

This random week, Court rejects zone to buffer abortion clinic, Protein, There should be a single time zone.



Episode #156 Martin Van Buren, Sideburns of Victory

This random week, ABA: Lawyers can scour juror's social media sites, Martin Van Buren, Sideburns of Victory, We should never negotiate with terrorists.



Episode #155 Cold Fusion

The random week, Illinois man sues Mayor for police raid over Twitter parody account, Cold Fusion, Soccer is a superior sport.



Episode #154 Left Handedness

This random week, Rats regret making the wrong decision, Left Handedness, Nuclear war would be a boon to civilization.



Episode #153 Andrew Jackson, Badass

This random week, The spice that prevents flouride from destroying your brain, Andrew Jackson, Badass, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.



Episode #152 The International Space Station

This random week, Minnesota adopts law curbing asset forfeiture abuse, The International Space Station, The Illuminati exists, and is controlling our very existence.



Episode #151 The lead-up to World War One

This random week, Governer Perry talks botched Oklahoma execution; potential 2016 run, The lead-up to World War One, A zombie apocalypse would be preferable to an alien invasion.



Episode #150 Conduction

This random week, Thinking obesity is a disease makes you more likely to eat high calorie foods, study finds, conduction, schools should be allowed to drug test student athlete



Episode #149 Easter, again

This random week, Why atheism doesn't have the upper hand over religion, Should we tell children that the Easter bunny is real?, The Easter Bunny is real.



Episode #148 The Power of the English Monarch

This random week, Welfare payout statistics that will make you really angry, The Power of the English Monarch, Alternative medicine is good.



Episode #147 The Scientific Method

This random week, Supreme Court lifts bans on aggregate campaign donations, The Scientific Method, In the film 'The Wizard of Oz,' the scenes that take place in the land of Oz were all part of a brain trauma induced hallucination.



Episode #146 The Jews - Race, Religion, Culture?

This random week, Teen to Government: Change your typeface, save millions, The Jews - Race, Religion, Culture?, We should not have an argument this week.



Episode #145 The Measles

This random week, Why does the Air Force Academy encourage atheism, prosecute christianity?, Sharia law to be adopted into the UK legal system for the first time, The Measles, The movie rating system is ineffective.



Episode #144 John Quincy Adams

This random week, Venice prepares for referendum on succession from Italy, Crimea votes to join 'former political master' Russia, John Quincy Adams, If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.


Episode #143 The United Nations Security Council

This random week, Ohio Sheriff defends 'Fake Arrests' of Pastors during Sunday Services, 9 Disgusting thing you didn't know you've been eating your whole life, The United Nations Security Council, I should play the role of 'James Bond' if the part was offered to me.



Episode #142 Mitochondria

This random week, The rootes of Venezuala's disorder, Prominent atheist blogger converts to Catholicsm, Mitochondria, Advertisements for 'junk food' should be banned from public schools.



Episode #141 The Diocletian Persecution

This random week, Missouri runs out of lethal injection drugs and spelling bee words, 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' takes the internet by storm, The Diocletian Persecution, American flag patches for the US military should be manufactured in the United States.



Episode #140 Presidential Valentine

The random week, Cure for love: Fall for a robot to fend off heartache, No, global warming did not cause the storms, says one of the Mets most senior experts, Presidential Valentine, George Washington would kick Abraham Lincoln's ass in a fight.



Episode # 139 Jame Monroe

This random week, Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors, This is the year liberals take back religion from conservatives, James Monroe, Putin is a closet homosexual.



Episode #138 Saturn

This random week, Heart health and brain health boosted with fish oil, Good Riddance - the long overdue movement to abandon Caps Lock, Saturn, Net neutrality is a good thing.



Episode #137 Immanuel Kant

This random week, Food stamp use highest among working Americans, Pregnant, brain-dead woman at center of legal fight between hospital and family removed from life support, Immanuel Kant, We should invade Antarctica.



Episode #136 Nicola Tesla

The random week, Family of drunken man killed by car sues Ohio cops, Why are lawyers killing themselves?, Nicola Tesla, Josh hates Justin Bieber.



Episode #135 The Six Wives of Henry The 8th

This Random Week, Battle over Presidential recess appointments heads to Supreme Court, What is this 'Polar Vortx' that is freezing the U.S.?, The Six Wives of Henry The 8th, Wedding cake makers should be required to make cakes for same sex ceremonies.



Episode #134 2013 - The Year in Review

This random year, This year of Reason, The Year of the Gay, The Year of rich people getting really really pissed over poor people getting health insurance.



Episode #133 The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part II

Join use for our special holiday episode, as we discuss who would be running the country if we had our say...and television shows were real.



Episode #112 Don Johnson

This random week, Mandela Memorial Interpreter blames schizophrenia for sign language farce, China's Moon rover leaves traces on Lunar soil, Don Johnson, The Pope is a Communist.



Episode #111 James Madison

This random week, Between pigs and anchovies: Where humans rank on the food chain, Oklahoma's 10 Commandments to get a sister memorial...from the Satanic Temple, James Madison, America should leaglize the sale of human organs.



Episode #110 Clocks

this random week, Gut feelings might be best predictions of marital bliss, 'Humans evolved after a female chimpanze mated with a pig': Extraordinary claim made by American geneticist, Clocks, Power Ballads, the pinnacle of artistic expression and artistic achievement.



Episode #109 Plato and Platonism

This random week, Quantum Physics proaves that there is an afterlife, claims, scientist, Doctor accused of selling false hopes to families, Plato and Platonism, The Dallas Cowboys are better than the New York Giants.



Episode #108 Jupiter

This random week, Religion, Contraception, and Bosses' Rights, Dallas Researchers make Breast Cancer Discovery, Jupiter, The Catholic Church is justified in forbidding the use of condoms.



Episode #107 Gypsies and Europe

This random week, Religion's Surprising Emotional Sense: New Atheists are wrong again, Rewiring the brain to treat OCD, Gypsies and Europe, Cell phones should be banned from primary and secondary education classrooms.



Episode #106 Quantum Entanglement

This random week, Rubio downcast about immigration reform, casts blame on Obama, 'Lost' Indian Jews come to Israel despite skepticism over ties to faith, Quantum entanglement, Seemingly violent religions like Islam are more of a danger than more pacifistic religions like Jainism.



Episode #105 Smallpox and the Conquest of America

The Random Week, Child Behavior: Not in their Genes?, Vitamin D pills' effect on healthy bones queried, Smallpox and the Conquest of America, There is a Government conspiracy to stigmatize the term 'Conspiracy Theory.'



Episode #104 The Shutdown

This Random Week, This Alkaline African Lake Turns Animals into Stone, NY Woman who ran family drug ring faces prison, Government Shutdown, Pop music is an inherently inferior presentation of the art of music.



Episode #103 Cough Syrup

This random week, House pushes U.S. to the edge of a shutdown, Cough Syrup, Gravity is Monotheism of the universe.



Episode #102 Murder Inc.

This random week, Massive aquifer discovered in Kenya holds 70 years worth of water, may reshape nation, Fear can be calmed during sleep, study suggests, Murder, Inc., Prisoners should be allowed to vote.



Episode #101The Civil War

This random week, the science of gay marriage, The road to the Civil War, Water cost and supply should be controlled by the market.



Episode #100 Our Hundredth Show!

This random week devolves into this random show. David is back, and joins us for our comletely unscripted discussion of our 99 past shows, some news, some stuff, and stuff and stuff.



Episode #99 Emperor Claudius

This random week, The trouble with Syria, Study: too much religion can harm economy, Emperor Claudius.



Episode #98 Understanding an Atheist

This random week, News outlets misgendering of Private Manning draws criticism, Evidence based justice acknowledges our corrupt memories, Interview with Kevin Davis, author of 'Understanding an Atheist: A Practical guide to Relating to Non-believers,' Standup comedy is the greatest form of art.



Episode #97 The Eye

This random week, Government lawayers advocate for atheism as a religion, Human evolutionar change 100 times higher in the past 5,000 years, a rare, but fun, rant, The eye, After a week of starvation, steak would be a better choice than pasta to break the fast.



Episode #96 The Iran-Contra Affair

This random week, Eastern Medicine seeks to balance, Religious family survives being lost at sea, The Iran-Contra Affair, Reality television shows such as 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' are good for America.



Episode #95 The Big Bang

This random week, Monogamy's boost to human evolution, Dinner lady sacked for accidentally serving pork to a Muslim child, The Big Bang, George W. Bush, as President of the United States of America, could defeat one extremely drunk Dalek.



Episode #94 The Plot to Kill Hitler

This random week, Economists Caution: Prepare for 'Massive Wealth Destruction,' HPV Virus linked to third of throat cancer cases, The Plot to Kill Hitler, Superman could kick the crap out of The Hulk.



Episode #93 The Plame Affair

This random week, What and when babies first eat may affect diabetes risk, Former Bush economist defends the 1%, The Plame Affair, Propaganda is necessary.



Episode #92 The Seventh of July

This random week, Science and Religion: clash of two faiths, Anti-bank "chalk vandal" found not guilty, World's first GM babies born, a game you have never heard of.



Episode #91 Thomas Jefferson

This random week, Exploding number of elderly prisoners strains system, taxpayers, Marijuana legalization gains support, confounding policymakers, Thomas Jefferson, The Borg were just a rip off of the Cyber-men.



Episode #90 Mars

This random week, Conservatives pledge to defy any marriage equality ruling the Supreme Court reaches, Sodomy hazing leaves victim, 13, outcast in Colorado as boys abusing boys increases, Mars, magnets are the work of the devil.



Episode #89 William Jennings Bryan

This random week, Supreme Court says genes can't be patented; patient advocates and researchers cheer, Russian President: I did not steal Super Bowl Ring, William Jennings Bryan, True Blood is better than Twilight.



Episode #88 Thermonuclear Devices

This random week, Atomic bomb tests confirm formation of new brain cells, Valedictorian rips up preapproved speech, recites prayer instead, thermonuclear devices, cats have a soul.



Episode #87 Tornadoes

This random week, New Zogby poll: scandal chatter doesn't matter, Graphene, even if stitched together, is strongest material in the world, Tornadoes, Jules Verne invented water.



Episode #86 House Un-American Activities Committee

This random week, Freedom of religion holds strong today, Attorney: Nushawn Williams does not have HIV, The House Un-American Activities Committee, Drone attacks are a legitimate way to fight our enemies both domestically and abroad.



Episode #85 Machiavelli

This random week, 67% of alternative medicine users are women, Gaerman homeschooling family's request for Asylum denied by the U.S. Government, The Prince, We should build landing strips on the moon for aliens.



Episode #84 Cinco de Mayo

This random week, Village Co-op owners sue to stop bike share installation, Re. Lamar Smith defends tentative changes to research funding, a rare, but fun, rant, Cinco de Mayo, The primary goal for a politician should be to get reelected by his or her constituency.



Episode #83 Chernobyl

This random week, Reading between the lines: jailing of Turkish blogger wasn't about religion, England prepares to vaccinate a million children as measles cases surge, Chernobyl, Schools should be outfitted with bullet-proof white boards.



Episode #82 Skepticism

The relationship between intelligence and multiple domains of religious belief: Evidence from a large US Sample, New app helps Icelanders avoid accidental incest, Deal approved in Muslims' suit against McDonald's, Skepticism, Science is faith-based.



Episode #81 Margarine

Josh's trials with the Yeti, Critical analysis of pop culture - daisy, Church time with David, Climate change did not cause the 2012 US drought, says government report, Bieber criticized for Anne Frank comment, Margarine, A teacher should be fired if he or she cannot teach his or her students.



Episode #80 John Adams

Defeated by John Adams, North Carolina Religion bill killed- but one third of Americans want Christianity as official religion of USA, Plan B must be available to all without a prescription, judge rules, What the fuck?, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, John Adams, The Federal Government should continue to fund artists through the National Endowment for the Arts.



Episode #79 Easter

Thoughts on Easter, Church time with David, Prop 8, DOMA, Monsanto, Reservoir Peeps.



Episode #78 Tuberculosis

The 1918 influenza pandemic hastened the decline of tuberculosis in the United States: an age, period, cohort analysis, Energy drinks may increase blood pressure, change heart rhythm, Pope Francis says the 'nones' can be allies for the church, Why you should eat and exercise based on your blood type, Tuberculosis, Public schools should adopt a mandatory school uniform policy.



Episode #77 Saint Patrick

Making Difference: Conflict over Irish identity in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade, CPAC Racism panel derailed by audience member who suggests slaves should have been grateful for food, shelter, and clothing, Atheism is a religion, Too, Hundreds checked for rabies after transplant death, Saint Patrick, D.G. Listens to the second half of the show.



Episode #76 Venus

Vena, Veda, Venus, Hugo Chavez: The interview that never happened, Illinois lawmaker seeks to ban sale of lion meat, a rare, but fun, rant, Venus, Belief in God is rational.



Episode #75 Apologetics

Special guest Troy Boyle, and The 2nd Annual National Atheist Party Convention, March 9th, San Francisco, California, Voles, Vasopressin, and the ethics of framing, The Holocaust just got more Shocking, Do telepathic rats advent biologic computers?, you are completely insane.



Episode #74 Black Holes

Extracting Energy from Black Holes: The relative importance of the Blandford-Znajek Mechanism, California School District sued for promoting religion by offering yoga classes, New study raises questions about religion as deterrent against criminal behavior, Church time with David, Black holes, Rob Schnieder is the greatest actor ever.



Episode #73 George Washington

Social Change and Collective Memory: The Democratization of George Washington, Retired Pope immune from abuse probes, Smoking synthetic marijuana may damage kidneys, George Washinton, Under some circumstances, women should fake orgasms.



Episode #72 Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist

Our very special interview with David G McAfee, author of 'Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist,' And how cheddar is clearly a better cheese than Mozzarella.



Episode #71 The World Bank

Susana Mendaro v. The World Bank, Insane shit that people email us, Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma State Senator, Introduces bill banning fetuses in food, Former Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle shot dead at Texas gun range, Church time with David: lying to children, The World Bank, and the IMF, Civilization will evolve to a place where we no longer require a monetary economic system.



Episode #70 The Amazing Randi

Interview with Tyler Measom, of 'Flim Flam Films,' Discussing their upcoming documentary - James Randi: An Honest Liar, Republicans, Democrats ready for broad immigration reform, Palin speaks out after leaving Fox, The myth of anti-oxidants, Russia to rework bill on offending religion, Why Congress is paralyzed: A Scientific Explanation, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Science is a threat to humanity.



Episode #69 Mercury

Our Solar System's second smallest-and speediest-planet is still causing surprises, Reality and Religion, Surprise! Mom packed you a nice gun, Citing religion, some health workers refuse flu shots, This day in history: LA Thompson, Mercury, All students should be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance.



Episode #68 Cults

Philip A. Hart v. Cult Awareness Network, Critical analysis of pop culture: California Gurls, Cheektowaga teacher sues over forced removal of religious items, diet soda and depression & diet drinks 'link to depression' questioned, A rare, but fun, rant, cults, cats are just useless dogs.



Episode #67 Memory

Evidence for an association between KIBRA and late-onset Alzheimers, First member of Congress describes religion as 'none,' Montana bill mutates, a rare, but fun, rant, Memory, Should all acces to Conservapedia be banned on Sundays?



Episode #66 New Year's

Commitment Devices, Englishman wakes from stroke speaking fluent Welsh, G.O.P. Backs off a demand, clearing way for more talks, This day in history: Edwin Hubble, New Year's, Praying for world peace



Episode #65 Kwanzaa

Weight Control during the Holidays: Highly consistent self-monitoring as a potentially useful self-coping mechanism, Polling and Religion in Canada, How Religion is making a comeback on college campuses, a rare, but fun, rant, Kwanzaa, Sin tax



Episode #64 Hanukkah

Weight Control during the Holidays: Highly Consistent Self-Monitoring as a Potentially Useful Coping Mechanism, Mexican drug smugglers now using T-shirt cannons to fire marijuana over border, Kamikaze conclusion for succesful Moon mission, a rare, but fun, rant, Hanukkah, Happy Holidays



Episode #63 The Nobel Prize

Family Constellations and Eminence: The Birth Orders of Nobel Prize Winners, David's Church Time, A Woman's lip shape hints at her ability to acheive vaginal orgasms, Wife kills abusive husband in self defense, only to discover that he was woman wearing a prosthetic penis, The Nobel Prize, Paul is in the Himalayas doing research on the Yeti



Episode # 62 Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Randomness can be controlled by Free Will - A Consequence of the Before-Before Experiment, Church-going teens graduate and attend college more, BYU study shows, 'Bigfoot' is part human, claims study based on purported Sasquatch DNA, a rare, but fun, rant, Quantum Mechanics, Skeptics should question all scientific principles.



Episode # 61 Muscle

Purkinje fibers, Body building without power training, General Patraeus, Mars might not cook humans in their skins, critical analysis of pop culture: 70 x 7, a rare, but fun, rant, muscle, should we allow the 21 States who have signed a petition to succeed from the Union do so?



Episode # 60 Games

Motivations for play in Online Games, Manmade increases in carbon dioxide might be having effects that are larger than expected, Puerto Rico approves Statehood, A rare, but fun, Rant, Game Theory, hockey and soccer are essentially the same game.



Episode #59 Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies: A Behavioral approach to Reasoning, Red Cross carries on after criticism, again, for it's response to a major disaster, IRS not enforcing rules on churches and politics, Logical Fallacies: an overview, can Christians celebrate Halloween?



Episode #58 Susan Gerbic

Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia and guest Susan Gerbic - An in depth interview with Susan Gerbic on her many ongoing projects in the Skeptical world. Adding Skepticism to Wikipedia, The Independent Investigations Group and the $50,000 challenge, Mark Edward, mentalist and skeptic, and her work with the Monterey County Skeptics.



Episode #57 Evil

David on 'coming out,' A rare, but fun, rant: Conservatism as Feudalism, Evil!, Is Alice Mad at David?


Epidoe # 56 Yom Kippur

Teshuva: A look at repentance, forgiveness, and atonement in Jewish and American legal Thought, Libyan Leaders say 50 arrested in U.S. Consulate attack, Man made ancient pyramids found in Antarctica, The Yom Kippur War, Can a romance between an atheist and a religious believer work?



Episode # 55 The Office of the Presedent of the The United States

Mass, Serial, and sensasational homicidess, Johnny Dep reveals agnusise oberr ther West Mamphis Three. The Dark Knight Rises., The office of the Presdiencey of the united States, and God in the DNC platform.


Episode #54 Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Shimoda, et. al v. The State, Tokyo District Court, Critical analysis of pop culture: Kenji, Romney Find Religion, Does Islam ban dancing and music? A rare, but fun, rant: The Nuclear Stockpile, Fat man and Little Boy, Was Roosevelt correct in interring Japanese Americans?



EPISODE #53 Sodom and Gomorrah

Critical analysis of pop culture: Mike and Ikes, A rare, but fun, rant: Todd Akin of Missouri, Sodom and Gomorrah, Can one argue with one's self?


EPISODE #52 The Brain

Unconscious Determinants in the Human Brain, Critical analysis of pop culture: Bicycle Race, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Todd Akin: "Legitimate rape" stops pregnancy, Psychopaths get a break from Biology: Judges reduce sentences if genetics, neurobiology are blamed, Kinesiology tape redux, Override, Jesus of Nazareth was an actual historical figure.


EPISODE #51 Presidential politics - democracy's search for an honest man.

Clean thoughts and dirty minds: The Politics of Porn, Critical analysis of pop culture: Sisterly, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Paul Ryan, Black Panther?, Kiniso tape: The latest Olympic Accessory, A rare, but fun, rant: I am a conservative, Mudslinging, founding father style, Mitt Romney will win the election.


EPISODE #50 Matter

Aristotle's concept of matter, and its relation to modern concepts of Matter, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about: Cesamet, and gluten intolerance, Mars rover on course to land Monday, Politics - what's behind the hatred of Barack Obama?, a rare, but fun, rant: Justin Beiber, Skrillex, and Deadmou5, Mattersville, The SETI program, is it worth it?


EPISODE #49 Rampage Killers

Mass, Serial, and sensational homicides, Park Elliot Dietz, M.D, M.PH, Ph.D, Mom's gone wild '40 year old reversion,' Shut down Chik-Fil-A properly, A rare, but fun, rant: Van Halen, Murder, Death, Kill, What's the best color?


EPISODE #48 - Ramadan

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION, Plaintiff, v. ALAMO RENT-A-CAR, Defendants, Critical analysis of pop Culture: Walk on the Ocean, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about: Once a Christian, always a Christian? & Radio-carbon dating, YouPorn offers Fred Willard Free Computer to avoid future Arrests, CDC: Whooping cough rising at an alarming rate in the U.S., A rare, but fun, rant: Being Wrong, Ramadan, Romantic Love is a poor basis for marriage.


EPISODE #47 - Performance Enhancing Drugs, Lance Armstrong to the Olympics

Hormones and Sport - Drugs in Sport, the role of the Physician, Bananas in Pajamas, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about: Why Republicans?, The Islamist Ascendency, Obama's attacks on religious values, A rare, but fun rant: Our Campaign, Drugs in Sports - The Pharmacy in the Locker Room, Katie Holmes called Scientology a crazy cult, Is it crazier than Catholicism?


EPISODE #46 - Apple, Inc.

Carl SAGAN, Plaintiff, v. APPLE COMPUTER INC., Defendant, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, The Creation Museum evolves: Hoping to add a life-size ark project, the museum hits fundraising trouble, Higgs hero shunned over religion, A rare, but fun, rant: Ignorance, From Apple Computers to Apple Inc., Democracy is a good idea.



Ethan Allen, The Green Mountain Atheist, Winston Churchill rallies the Populous, Michael Marin, Convicted Arsonist, Poisoned Himself in Courtroom, Investigators Believe, Man Plagued by Porn Induced Headaches, How Fireworks Work, The Political History of the United States of America, the sound of explosions in the sky.



'Drug Abuse' of a different 'wave' Length, John Warzel calls in for a chat, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Rise of the Zombie Flesh Eaters, U.S. Students know what, but not why, A rare but fun rant: The drug analogue act of 1986, Bath Salts, Drugs, and Zombies, Oh My!, Reservoir Dogs is a better movie than Pulp Fiction.



"I did what?" Zolpidem and the Courts, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, House rejects sex-selection abortion ban, Experimental drug might open new category of sleep aid, Sexism at TAM, Sleep, Christians are morally obligated to proselytize.



Rage against the t-shirt, The Bourne Trilogy, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about , Across Religions, persistent battles over what the faithful may read, Raul Castro turning 81, trying to preserve Communism, Josef Stalin, Counting cards in Vegas should be allowed.



The US Kefauver Harris Amendment to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 'Hell Yes,' We Probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, 'Gaydar' exists: We can tell who is gay or straight in the blink of an eye, Paralyzed by Faith, A rare, but fun rant: Technology, Big Pharma, Respect the Religious Beliefs of others.



Christianity in Britain, R.I.P., 'Mexican Radio,' We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Kansas Governor signs measure blocking Islamic Law, Being 'Born-Again' Linked to more brain atrophy: Study. God is Dead, and Adam Smith Killed him, Crime is an important part of the economic system, and if crime were to disappear, the economy would be severely affected, perhaps to the point of collapse.



Loving et. Ux v. Virginia, 'The Famous Polka,' We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Closer Look: Religious concerns over Bullying Bill, SpaceX's Commercial launch to Space Station aborted at Liftoff, A rare, but fun, rant: those who can, do; those who can't, teach, Marriage - we are family, Landing on the moon is not that impressive to God.



Contra Anarcho-Capitalsim, 'The Trees,' We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, New Atheists fail to present logical points, The world may not end soon predicts newly found Mayan calendar, a rare, but fun, rant, Randian Objectivism, Be competent.



Gaia again, 'At the bottom of Everything,' We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, One in seven thinks that the end of the world is coming: poll, Wind farms are warming the earth, researchers say, A rare, but fun, rant, This spaceship earth, Be temperate.



Actual Causes of Death in the United States, 2000, 'Closing Time,' We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Bill Nye Booed in Texas for saying the moon reflects the sun, Gun ownership 'very difficult' despite Supreme Court rulings, Death, and all things terminal, It is Josh's turn to take out the garbage.



Mary Scott DOE et al. v. Barack Hussein Obama, 'The Archers bows have Broken' by Brand New, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Deluded Dictator Escapes Atheist's Arguments. Mitt Romney addresses a touchy subject about his religion, A rare, but fun, rant, Stem cells, It is possible for bands to sell out.



Art Education and Changing Political Agendas: An analysis of curriculum concerns of the 1940's and 1950's, 'Wig in a Box' from Hedwig and the angry inch, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Uh uh, geez: let's go the teleprompter, Cash strapped Ginrich selling fundraising lists, A rare, but fun, rant, 50's Bitches!, Rick Santorum is good for America.



What you need to know about the Resurrection of Jesus, Parts 1 & 2, 'We are young' by fun. We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Ohio Schools sued over barring 'Jesus is not a homophobe' t-shirt, Praying for God to hurt someone is not illegal, judge rules, Our ten commandments, Easter, Judas currently resides in heaven/hell.



Improved Gravity field of the moon from Lunar Prospector, 'Generator' by Bad Religion, We probably don't know what the hell we are talking about, Military non-believers event shows there are atheists in foxholes, Tennessee Mom faces jail for baptizing her two children without husband's consent, The invention of gravity, The Flat Earth Society is correct.



We went to the Reason Rally. We were inspired, we were enlightened, and we got very wet and cold. We have never been more proud to be a part of this community. This is our story.



Cost-Effectiveness of services for Mentally ill Homeless People: The application of research to policy and practice, Atheists wash Florida road Christians anointed with oil, 'Homeless Hotspot' stunt stirs debate at South by Southwest, Special guest Joe Zamecki discussing Atheists Helping the Homeless, The band 'Queen' has been more influential on rock and roll music than the band 'The Beatles.'



Of Course It's True, I saw it on the Internet!, Barack Obama had a transgendered nanny in Indonesia, Cardinal defends comparing gay marriage to slavery, A rare, but fun rant, Evaluating claims, Daylight savings time is a good thing.



His Controversial Materials: Philip Pullman and Religious Narrative Identity, Questions for atheists, Faith groups must abide by laws, Grief without God is a challenge for non-believers, Atheists in popular culture, Arguing is for those observing the argument, not for those participating in it.



Tammy Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District and Board of Directors, The new anti-science assault on US Schools, Multi cellular life evolves in laboratory, Evolution, We should protect endangered species in order to prevent them from going extinct.



An Explanation for the absence of Extraterrestrials on Earth, No Alien visits or UFO cover-ups, White House says, Search for Aliens is on again, but next quest is finding money, A rare, but fun, rant, Earth vs. the Aliens (Government investigates UFOs,) Science fiction has served to help the advancement of the space program.


EPISODE #25  - Religion in Politics

Pew Forum on Religion, Pew Research Center, Obama put Politics over Country when he killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich, Special Guest Scott Burdick discussing "In God We Trust," Art Education should be a Mandatory part of public elementary and secondary school education.


Diminished reason - episode #8
Facebook political affiliations


EPISODE #24  - Abortion

Having a Life Versus Being Alive, Abortion Rates Higher where it is Illegal: More reasons for Pro-Lifers to Give Up, Dangerous, Illegal Pro-Abortion Group, A rare, but fun, rant, The History of Abortion, What's more likely: Bigfoot or Yeti?


EPISODE #23  - Ghosts and the paranormal

An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Paranormal and Spiritual Experiences on People's lives and Well-Being, Tennessee town hopes ghost search can scare up cash, Witch torture trial: Sister describes brother's beating, A rare, but fun, rant, Ghost-hunting technology, Refusing to perform a kidney transplant for a developmentally disabled 3 year old child because of the risk of further brain damage.


EPISODE #22  - Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism and the resolution of grief: The Bardo-Thodol for the dying and grieving, Republican Candidates decry 'War on Religion,' Two Tibetans in China set themselves ablaze in protest, A rare, but fun, rant, Free Tibet, The Lottery provides for the Public Good.


EPISODE #21  - Censorship

SOPA - The online piracy act, hackers said to be planning to launch own satellites to combat censorship, censorship of science is acceptable when lives are at stake, mp3s and 'lossy' compression, the founding fathers intent with the separation of church and state was to keep churches safe from government influence.


EPISODE #20  - The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Sunday, January 1st, 8pm Eastern Standard Time, we will be discussing Censorship, SOPA, and all the things to come in the new year. We love callers, and especially those who disagree with us. Seriously, the mic is right here ---> (424) 243-9589.


EPISODE #19 - The Christmas Show!

It's Beginning to Smell (and Sound) a lot like Christmas: The Interactive Effects of Ambient Scent and Music in a Retail Setting, Ontario MP demands end to 'Ban on Christmas Cheer,' Church responds to an Atheist Billboard in South Carolina, Santa - the morning star, Is being an independent voter the most intelligent position?


Diminished reason - episode #7

The Christmas Factory!

And a plug: Sunday, December 18th, 8pm Eastern Standard Time, we will be discussing Christmas, x-mas, Yule, that red nosed reindeer, Arctic obesity, and Jesus riding a dinosaur (why not?) We love callers, and especially those who disagree with us. 

Seriously, the mic is right here ---> (424) 243-9589.


EPISODE #18  - Freewill

The nature, common usage, and implications of Free Will and Determinism, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship suspended, Girl gang who kicked woman in head while yelling 'kill the white slag' freed after judge hears 'They weren't used to drinking because they are Muslims,' willful inaccuracy - Alan Turing from Enigma to CAPTCHA, Compatibalism, does mandatory voting enhance Democracy?


EPISODE #17 - The Ten Commandments

On being Holier-than-thou or Humbler-than-thee: A Social-Psychological Perspective on Religiousness and Humility, Students in Giles stand up for Ten Commandments, Rebuffed by one court, counseling student seeks expulsion reprieve for her religious objection to gays, The Golden Calf, Which Ten Commandments?, If everyone followed the Ten Commandments, the world would be a better place.



Lemon Et Al. v. Kurtzman, Superintendant of public instruction of Pennsylvania Et. Al., 7 Arrested on hate crime charges in Amish hair cutting attacks, Roman Catholic Church's paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images, Post-prandial somnolence, Where we all come from, The efficacy of: Three awesome ways to avoid arguments.


Diminished reason - episode #6

Paul went to Catholic-town, Josh went to Crazy-town.



The War at Home: Antiwar protests and Congressional Voting, 1965 to 1973, Bishop Conley sees 'atheocracy' as major threat to pro-life cause, Physicists extract light from seeming emptiness, Things happening in your backyard (and, on your buses,) that you've never heard of, Gender segregation in education, good or bad?



United States of America v. Anthony Fischer v. Edward Dorsey, Is there a city on Pluto? Sixth grader wins round for student religious expression, Apollo 12, The pledge of Allegiance, Why is Physics Brian a vegan? Morality or health?



Alien Demonology: The Christian roots of the malevolent extraterrestrial in UFO religions and abduction Spiritualities, Critics blast anti-bullying law for allowing exceptions based on religion, moral beliefs, Senate blocks $60 Billion infrastructure plan, another part of Obama's jobs Bill, Alcohol, Abductive Reasoning, The very fact that something is determined as a limitation implies that the limitation is already transcended.


Diminished reason - episode #5

We got words...maybe too many.



Halloween: An Evolving American Consumption Ritual, Arson Investigators go after Taco-Bell Fire Bomber, Onward, Christian Soldier - Preachers Mustn't shy away from Politics, Cholera, Evil, What's Safer? A den of cops, or a den of thieves?



Mapping Adolescent Religious Participation, The Evangelical Rejection of Religion, Herman Cain: Jesus was the Perfect Conservative Killed by a Liberal Court, Proving the Bible through Science, The End of the World, Is it possible that the world has already come to an end?


Diminished reason - episode #4

Owl Creek bridge to the Babylonians in three easy steps.



Leeches, Spiders, and Astrology: Predilections and Predictions. Yeti Hunters Must be More Scientific, Ads Implant False Memories, How to make a nuclear bomb using common household ingredients, Corporations are people, too, Art exists.



Perils of Internet Fraud: An Empirical Investigation of Deception and Trust with Experienced Internet Users, Rasmussen releases Occupy Wall Street poll, Can religion and extraterrestrial life co-exist?, Over the counter medication confusion, Project MKULTRA, Alcoholics anonymous, good or bad?


Diminished reason - episode #3

Beavers - we are going to hell!



Teaching Critical Thinking for Transfer Across Domains, Belief Gallup Poll, Major Religion case ushers in SCOTUS Term, Anti-bacterial soaps, creams, and lotions, Ancient astronauts, Solar power v. wind power, what's more destructive to the environment?


Diminished reason - episode #2

What's your favorite song?



Religious Belief Systems of Persons with High Functioning Autism, Should freedom of religion protect parents from murder charge?, Disbelief is not a choice, High fructose corn syrup, Race doesn't exist, Silica gel, do not eat label, yes or no?


Diminished reason - episode #1




Parapsychology: Science or Pseudo-Science?, Conservative Catholics say Galileo was wrong, Geocentric is right, Obama is 'ramping up his God talk,' Water powered car, The Shroud of Turin, Debating young earth creationists, worth it?



The unavoidable 9/11, American Atheists v. Port Authority correction, We'll go forward, Fire at the Reichstag, Structural integrity, The Uranium Yellowcake Conspiracy, Nicholas Cage, great actor or the greatest actor?



Themes of Holism..., Pot based religion blew smoke at probation, Bookstores gear up for banned book reading, Fear of microwave ovens, the moral flaw of internal inconsistency, Will the internet fundamentally and irreversibly change civilization?


All Evidence is equal, but some evidence is more equal than others, School Districts harassed by secular group on issue of prayer, Public religion research institute, Solar fusion, Josh's Haircut and the appearance of Jesus, Concierge Medicine, good or bad?



Life's Conservation Law, "Villa insulted my religion," Do we have a moral duty to bring others to faith?, Time travel, Laisse-faire capitalism, Aliens v. God, what's more believable?



Intercessory prayer, the Philadelphia curfew, Ramadan and football, Magnetic therapy, Religion's tax exempt status, and Bovine Rights!

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