Atheists are considered to be the least trustworthy group in society. There is a larger percentage of people who report to be more willing to elect a Muslim President than an atheist one. (We're not sure if that percentage includes the nut-jobs who think Barack Obama IS a Muslim, and we already did!)

The only way that we are ever going to change the perception of us that society has is by picking up a shovel, and putting in work. We need to work to show the public that we are not the bogey-men (bogey-women?? bogey-persons!) that we are portrayed as by the religious right.

Our Plans

Currently, we have two plans for helping to spread the message of positive atheism, and skeptical and rational thinking.

1) Voter guides

Election day is November 6th, 2012. Not only will we be voting on a Presidential Candidate, but we will also be voting in many important elections on the State and local levels. We are compiling a list of candidates, and collecting as much information as is available regarding their positions on Science, Education, Economics, and the pertinent and important issues that would be consider by whatever office they are running for.

We also hope to be able to send out questionnaires to each of the candidates, and to report their responses so that the public is as informed as possible come election day

2) Youth and Adult Tutoring

We are in the process of developing a program to tutor students in the Buffalo School District, as well as the surrounding suburbs. This will not be a platform to proseyletize about atheism, but rather an opportuinity to help students prepare for specific subjects, and foster a methodolgy for learning based on reason and critical thinking.


We are very excited about these programs, but we need your help in order to accomplish our goals. If you are interested in volunteering your time, money, resources...anything at all, then you can help us better the world we live in.

Help the world, help society understand that atheists are not the evil that they hide from in fear...seems like win-win.

To find out how you can help, email us:

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