Join the Atheist Community of Buffalo and Western New York!

Stand up and be counted!

There are so many different groups across Western new York, that it is hard to get a fix on just who 'we' are. By 'we,' I mean the Atheists, The Skeptics, the Freethinkers, the Humanists, and those who are just interested in hanging out and having a good time with like-minded people who won't make any attempts to shove God down their throats.

So, If any of the above sound like you, then send us your name, email, and where you hail from. (We don't need specifics, here. We are talking: North Buffalo, Amherst, etc.)

And what do you get by joining? Well, you get to say that you are a member of an organization that is growing in leaps and bounds, an organization that is working hard to change Western New York, and make a difference within our community.

You will also get a newsletter by email, keeping you up to date with the current goings on of the many different groups in the area. Lest you worry about your inbox being flooded with unwanted annoyances, understand that our current plan is to send out a letter about once every couple of months or so.

And last, but not least, you will get to have a say in what this community does, in which direction we should head, and where we should go next.

We've been asked on more than one occasion how many members we have, and now we will finally be able to answer that question with a show of force by numbers. There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we all work together.


*We will not, under any circumstances, sell, or give away your information, including your name and email address. Any information submitted here is completely confidential, and will only be seen by The Atheist Community of Buffalo and Western New York.